Phases of Disaster

Disasters prompt our desire to help in some way. When we see images of people suffering, we want to do something.

The tricky part is responding in a way that is actually helpful and appropriate. It's essential to wait for the people who have been directly affected by the disaster to take the lead in indicating what they need and when they need it.

Understanding the phases of a disaster can be very helpful in determining how you can help.

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The Mentor Research Institute has developed a resource called The Great Storm and Flood Recovery: Children's Story and Activity Book.

This story and activity book encourages children to fill in the blanks to explore their own experiences as well as color the pictures provided. It addresses the storm that caused the flooding, having to evacuate, cleaning up, rebuilding, as well as the emotional impacts of the flooding. At all points, it gives the child a chance to reflect on their own experience. A parent guide is included. A Spanish Version of the workbook is also available.

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Sample Prayers and Liturgy
How To: Adapting Liturgy and Ritual After a Disaster